Friday, January 06, 2012


They say blessings wear disguises,
as if they would rather hide behind tragedies and pain.
We also hear, "Count your many blessings",
as if blessings are all around us,
pouring down from the sky likes drops of rain.
Sometimes, I wonder if, maybe,
we are the ones hidden in disguise,
walking around with stoic faces,
handing out weak embraces,
because, to get too close would set us up
for another fall.
Life is full of them, though.
Time will keep changing,
and just like the seasons,
hard times are bound to come and go.
The trials may be imminent,
and we are faced with many kinds,
but do we see the joy in them,
or are blessings the farthest thing from our minds?
Just like a new year, a fresh start,
may our eyes be more aware
of what we have and what we can share.
With mercies poured out, fresh every morning,
there's no denying that His grace is abounding.
It came without warning,
when my heart felt so full and alive.
Filled with love and redemption and acceptance,
this conclusion is what I could derive:
I am blessed.
Oh, how we are blessed!
May our blessings move us to action, unreservedly.
Oh, what blessings we can be!

AEJ 4:43pm