Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Without haste we waste the time,
Guilty- charged with the crime of negligence,
while hiding behind an aura of self defense-
Defending the pride that we’ve built inside,
I plead the fifth and just roll with the tide.
My mistake, but I won’t admit-
too headstrong to submit,
we find ourselves stretched with one arm reaching out
and a hand opened wide, anxious to receive,
while the other is behind our back,
a fist clenched tightly to what we need, or so we perceive.
“Lose it all for me. Do away with it completely”
and what seems right to us will cause a fuss
when we clearly see that we find our lives when we lay them down.
It’s a backwards notion, in a world of forward motion and rising to the top.
See how we all freak out when a soul kneels down and breaks an alabaster box;
so concerned with the mess, we shout, “Someone grab a mop!”
Do we miss the point? Have we missed the mark?
A fire in the night can light a path. 
All it takes is single spark.