Monday, March 05, 2012

Keeping a Pace

Fan blades are spinning, spinning,
And she will just lay there and stare,
As thoughts are beginning, beginning to swarm,
Filling a mind with questions of
"Why is life so unfair?"
The light casts shadows, throws them into motion,
A repetitive motion, along the ceiling with every rotation
Of every spinning blade of the fan that stays constant,
Constantly moving, keeping a pace, an unchanging pace.
Eyes, weary from intense focus on all of the motion, and commotion,
Filled with emotion, shift down to the left.
A mirror is there, conveniently, placed on the wall,
And if she keeps her eyes open, she can see her face.
The years have aged her; this she can not deny.
She wants to look closer, but too afraid of identity, she will fail any attempt to try.
After the quickest glance, she will divert her eyes back to the ceiling,
Back to the steady spinning blades of the fan.
What a simple existence,
What a simple task to just continue moving,
Unaltered by any other occurrence.
She lays there still, idle, yet insightful,
And a picture has been painted in her mind,
Removing all other thoughts, except for this clear vision
Of a steadfast endurance.
Her hand is on her heart; she knows that she's alive when she feels the rhythm
Of a heart keeping a beat, a constant pace.
She looks back at the mirror.
She looks back at her face, a face covered by grace.
Who has cut in on her and slowed down her pace,
placing roadblocks to hinder her race?
She refuses to accept any defeat,
And, in fact, she has already won, been redeemed by the Son,
So she can stare in the mirror placed conveniently on the wall
Without shame to embrace who she is in the midst of it all.

AEJ 3/6/2012