Thursday, January 02, 2014

As I Am

Quick to speak; quick to throw out my opinion
on matters of life and strife and someone else’s hurting.
Flirting with the idea that what’s good for some
may not be good for all,
but all we really want is to feel set free from something.
Dodging the bullet by dancing around the truth,
pushing the limits, as shouts of “YOLO!” ring out from our youth.
A resounding theme of “If I do this, life will be grand”,
but before you start, look at your heart.
Crazed from getting from point A to B, looking the part,
accepting what we’ve been taught along the way,
are we numb to the pain?
Do we even realize that we’ve been shot?
Call a doctor! Some solid advice,
considering we’ve all got some problems,
which makes me stop and consider
that maybe the advice that I pride myself in dishing out
could be reserved and better served
up on a platter for my own good and benefit.
Then, again, what’s the use of it
if I turn away like nothing was said.
Deaf ears need more than moving lips.
Show me a passion
and a reaction that would move a mountain
and stir up a fire so bright.
Hues of orange, yellow, and red would ignite
and fill the sky.
But, if it takes heat to start a fire,
better bring some blankets.
Frankly, it’s so cold in my heart,
how could a fire start unless you break through and break it?
Tell me, does that sound about right?
Then, I’d step back and watch you move
as this stone begins to crumble
and this charade gets put on blast, as you take me as I am.
I’ll stand amazed by your willingness to overcome my foolishness
as I question why you even care.
All the while, you give reason to rejoice as I lift my weary voice,
And if this is my cross to bear, may I carry it with honor,
For your glory goes ahead of me and guides each step I take.
Teach me Lord, for your sake, to have some wisdom and some tact
as this world tries to beat me down and reminds me of all I lack.
I’m enough, because you’re more than enough, oh, teach me to repeat it.
Your ways are above my ways. You’re the freedom that I needed.