Thursday, May 01, 2014

As Busy As You Choose To Be

You're as busy as you choose to be;
You're as free as you'll allow,
pleading to buy more time,
when the time is now.
Isn't it strange the way things change
when you see the grand scheme of it all?
Just as shadows prove there is still some light,
when your world goes dark,
do you have someone to call?
Have you burnt the last bridge?
Is this the last straw?
Your insecurity is bred by the lies your fed.
I'm as confident as the truth
that all of your strife and busyness
is just a sugar-coated "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth."
Soon, you'll learn the significance and the peace of letting go,
and then you'll recognize the need to be more aware.
Someone else's world is crashing down,
will you be the one to care?
Remove self-doubt. Remove the need to control.
Time is of the essence when you see the kingdom here and now.
Here, in every heartbeat, in those who express a need,
and in those who don't know how.
I can feel it in my soul.
I can sense it in the eyes I've seen
as I look around.
If desperation had a face,
we would meet it anywhere we turn.
If we would return to grace,
then, how quickly we might learn!
You're as busy as you choose to be;
You're as free as you'll allow.

AEJ 5/1/2014