Sunday, November 03, 2013

Walls Will Fall

Walls will fall like Jericho,
a great crash and crumble,
as eyes glance upward and the proud turn humble.
Marching to the beat of a new drum,
shouts ring out in a glorious display of new found freedom.
"It is well" when the walls fall.
"It is well" is the phone call
that you put off, because you failed to let anyone in sooner...
or find that you will overcome
despite the odds and the lies spit out by some.
Walls will fall like a demolition
when you stop and re-evaluate the weight of your mission
and control your ambition to be so important.
You might find that you're actually the prisoner,
instead of the warden, and as you cling to bars of iron,
you realize that your walls have you trapped.
This is not a game of cat and mouse,
it's the breaking of a new dawn.
It's the collapse of an old dilapidated house.
Windows shattered, a structure undone.
A cloud of dust settles, overshadowed by the morning sun.
Keep your head on a swivel. Always be looking out.
Meanwhile, the crowd will scream "Live a little!"
as they taunt and push you about.
Walls will fall all around you.
If you endure, you just might see it.
A glimpse of hope is all that's needed,
and to someone you just might be it.

AEJ  11/03/13