Wednesday, October 11, 2017


When one of us hurts, oh, we all feel the weight of it.
When the world cries out, oh, we all know the state of it.
When the rain won't stop and the flood waters ascend,
When the hate is too much 
and it seems like nothing can mend,
When sickness invades, and poverty remains, 
and the killing is relentless,
What can we do to steady our souls 
in the dark of the night?
Should I wave the white flag or fight the good fight?
You restore my soul.
You restore my soul back to your light again.
Back to your light again is where I need to be.
When darkness surrounds 
and I can't make sense of it all,
Strengthen my heart; make steady my feet.
You lift my head, and you make me stand tall.
As I stand tall again, your grace rushes in, 
reminding me that you hold all things.
In the palms of your hands you hold your mighty plans.
You're in control, and, though, I don't understand,
You've never let me down in all of my days.
When I thought that you did, I wasn't trusting your ways.
I get wrapped in the evil that seems to invade 
on this side of the sun.
Grant me your eyes to see the work to be done.
Grant me fortitude to do the hard work, 
to look at my life and to see what it's worth.
Grant me the care to see the worth of another.
Because, when one of us hurts, 
oh, we all feel the weight of it.
Take "Courage, Dear Heart", 
and may my heart become made of it.