Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rooted in Fear, the Lies We Hear

How can we be effective in a world that's so infected?
Plagued with the worst case of animosity,
are we too self righteous to see what's right in front of us?
What's causing all the fuss?
Do we hide inside the warm confines of our religiosity,
claiming a solid truth, but too afraid to make a move,
so we just blame it on the youth
and call it a day in the life
of someone just trying to make it?
Rooted in fear, the lies that we hear,
the ones that say "You can't",
"You're not good enough",
and every seemingly compelling thought
that cripples and paralyzes the forward mover.
May we join together to cut the lies
that have tethered and bound.
Maybe, then, we can finally make some ground
and love like we should.
Would you join if you could?
If you could see the whole picture,
would you have faith for the fight,
or would fear, so entangling,
constantly keep strangling
and hushing the very voices
we need so desperately to hear?
May it be a soft whisper.
May it be a loud scream.
Whatever it takes,
awaken a spirit with permission to dream
beyond the day to day routine
and the happenstance interactions.
Imagine a world where the lies are replaced.
Imagine a world where we hand out
grace over grudges
and gratefulness over greed.
Reason with me,
when the lies that we hear,
the ones rooted in fear,
seem to never relent,
"He has not given us a spirit of fearfulness,
but one of power, love,
and sound judgment."

2 Tim. 1:7

AEJ 2/28/15