Sunday, July 20, 2014

Far From Lackluster

Sometimes it takes some space
to see the worth in the mundane:
the seemingly lackluster
day to day deeds that evoke
a cringe, or a moan,
or a desire to be rescued.
Sometimes it takes some space
to evaluate the assessment
of your current state:
the overwhelmingly crippling thought
that your thoughts
have actually been skewed.
A little room to breathe
allows for a fresh assurance that
now is not forever.
Yet, we dig our feet in the ground
and just endure, as if this
is all we've got, and we think
we're so clever when we make excuses
to avoid the acceptance that
our tiny haphazard lives
were actually meant for more.
So, we hit the grind,
full speed ahead,
trying to find some sense of
attachment and worthwhile meaning
for our daily encounters,
but we still miss the point
at the end of the day.
Amongst ideas like
"Follow your passions" or
"Dream big", do we leave room
to simply trust and obey?
Limitations set aside,
can we thoroughly abide?
Could I jump ship,
knowing He will fully equip,
or could I stay the course;
would I stay on task,
if that is what He'd ask?
In the spirit of complexity,
how could I reduce
the one who made the stars
to a list of things
that I would or would not
be willing to try?
Far from lackluster, I can't deny,
yet, present in the mundane,
His plans are perfect.
He will forever reign.

AEJ 7/20/2014