Saturday, September 07, 2013

Some Things Are Borrowed and Some Things Are Bought

Borrowed words and borrowed thoughts to express the way you feel
only leave you borrowing time as you question what is real.
In all sincerity, would you rather seek and find
or accept the things you hear?
In a world where contradiction runs rampant,
can we hold our own,
or do we cower in fear of future freedoms to live as we please,
or to please who we live for?
Striving for simplicity, we complicate and miss the tasks:
seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with Him...
Is it too much too ask of us, made in His image,
while building up an image of ourselves in an effort to be different,
while we look just  like everyone else? 
And, in our tireless efforts to walk a certain road,
then, You will remind us we're not equipped to carry such a load.
Remove my blinders, and make swift my tied up feet,
so that I can see the reality of your presence and no longer claim defeat.
Some things are borrowed and some things are bought.
Sweet victory!
We are purchased and made new by the one who knows our every thought.

AEJ 09/07/2013