Friday, July 12, 2013


It's the natural inclination of a weak and wounded nation
to put up a fight when the present times seem pressing
and the very thing worth fighting for is what keeps us up at night.
It's the beckoning call to withdraw hasty interpretations
of the reality that exists when we take off our blinders
and see that we're all just broken people,
bandaging up bloodied fists
after our livelihood is threatened
in this world of chaos and competition.
If "the buck stops here", why do we pass the blame, feel the shame,
and minimize the urgency of the things that matter most?
Who's in charge, anyway? Is this your party? Are you the host?
A balancing act between maintaining composure and saving face,
exhausting all efforts to earn acceptance,
never mind that we're covered by saving grace.
If our ability for resiliency is something to be spoken for,
historically, the banner yet waves,
overcoming and striving for more.
It's the natural inclination of a soul
that's crying out to put up a fight
when reminded of past victories and the fuel
that launched them into flight.
It's the beauty and the brilliance of the strength
to stand back up,
and the smile that returns when you can say,
"joy overflows my cup".