Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not On My Own

Keep going. Time is of the essence
in a world where we chase after the need to prove our own existence.
And I want to, but it just feels like there is nothing left.
I try, but I just come up short of breath.
Living and striving, plagued with the thoughts,
“I can’t do this…on my own.”
It’s the start of surrender.

It’s the heart of the pretender giving up the act.

Finding the irony in the fact
that through submission, there is freedom abounding.

It may look a little different, but it’s truly quite astounding
how walls can come down in this mansion that I built

to hide my shame and guilt, and when my mind begins to change,

 then my actions rearrange to form a better pattern-

one that refuses to be conformed by the things that catch my eye.
And after all I've gained and lost,
the beauty comes when we begin to realize
that in the end, it's so much more than a chasing after the wind.
Keep going.
Living, striving, and counting it all loss
for the sake of the cross.
AEJ 3:20pm 10/21/2012