Monday, June 09, 2014

Time Travel

The other day I was pondering the notion of time machines...
Someone's unrealistic devotion to be set into motion to a time other than now,
Begs me to question which tense, in all logical sense, would I prefer my existence?
Would you visit the past if you're still living in it?
Maybe, for the sake of closure and tact,
if you took a trip back, you could tie up some loose ends,
and make some amends.
Then, would you feel content to live in the present?
Presently, the future appears more intriguing.
Yet, how can you know what the future will hold?
Will it be bright and bold filled with all of the things
from all of the dreams you ever had hoped to see through to fruition?
Would you trust your intuition
to abandon the here and now for something not promised?
If life is but a breath, just breathe.
Breathe it all in while the world will still spin,
not trapped in the current because of where you've been,
and not too far ahead that you miss out on your surroundings.
With a cautious heart, hold on to what you know,
but with a fearless soul be ready to let all of that go.
Moments of trouble are great cause for digging in and finding your groundings.
Though, my foot was slipping and I cried out in distress, a hand lifted me up.
Now, I know where I stand.
Within reach of your hand, I live and move and breathe.
Like some great mysterious plan unraveling,
would it be too much of a stretch to accept
that maybe we are all made for far more than time traveling?


Psalm 94:18, Acts 17:28, Hebrews 13:14