Monday, July 09, 2012

In Hindsight

Beyond the endless chatter,
Beyond what seems to matter,
Much further than the here and now
And what should be,
And what simply is not,
There’s a stillness that comes over me, slowing me,
Pausing every “what if”, halting every thought.
Every thought that swirls around,
A collision of the older ones colliding with the illumination of newer thoughts
And the outcomes are brought to light with this new vision of hindsight.
Yet, what does that change?
 If I lose a nickel in the day, how can I find it in the night?
I might crawl on hands and knees, eyes opened wide,
Never seeing the coin in the dark of the night.
Then, the very next day, with the sun shining bright,
I might look in the same place and not be so surprised
To find that same nickel, illuminated,
Reflecting the glow of the sun’s brilliant light.
Oh, but I consider it a joy, in hindsight,
to reflect upon what has brought me here today.
Every struggle, every path, even the ones that led astray,
Have shown me that I must not trust in my own intended plan.
Oh, sweet hindsight, what a teacher you can be!
But, foresight, perfect foresight of God quells the thoughts of any man.

11:38 pm 

Sunday, July 08, 2012


Forgive my blaming and shaming and lies that overwhelm my bitter, selfish life.
And, help me to rid this colossal utility pole that is protruding from my eye,
 so that I may refrain from pointing fingers and placing accusations
on everyone else’s pain and strife.
Teach me to let you anchor my soul, so that I don’t get lost at sea,
battling tumultuous waves and currents that would surely devour me.
And create in me a heart that desires only your desires for today and for eternity.
Remove my entangling doubt that blinds me from the truth that your word never falters,
So that I may quit bringing gifts and praises to idols and false gods’ alters.
Thank you for your love and patience with me.
Help me to become obedient to your call and from temptations flee.

AEJ 1:47PM

Your Name's Sake

If opportunity is like a canyon,
vast and wide,
why do we walk a tightrope,
fearful of every stride?
If my mind is made new,
Can I really test and approve
What is meant by Your will?
Are you with me still?
Still, I wander away,
so determined to find one answer,
I forget that you say,
"act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with me."
Refocus my eyes and help me to see.
You're in every decision
that I choose to make,
And grant me boldness to do it all,
only for Your name's sake.
AEJ 11/14/2011