Friday, March 30, 2018

Response To His Victory

Throw off your cardigans and coats.
Throw them onto the streets.
Cut the freshest of palm branches from the nearest of trees.
Roll out a soft carpet of your clothes and leaves.
Prepare a cushioned path to greet Him.
Stand in line to meet Him.
It's no red carpet, but I'll do what I can.
"Hosanna," we'll all shout to honor the Son of Man!
A triumphant entrance from The King of The World,
the very same One who would be bruised and beaten,
and mocked as insults were hurled.
The sky turns from light to a darkness unexplainable
as my Savior, the ultimate propitiation and forgiver of my sinful situation,
takes your place, takes my place;
takes the very fate of the entire world,
making life eternal attainable.
What a notion!
Suddenly it becomes clear
what is meant by His kingdom,
and by His kingdom here.
And now The Author and Perfector asks me,
imperfect me, to authenticate my devotion
as I consider how He loves with so much more than emotion.
Complete devotion He gave and gave;
caused quite a commotion when in three days He left that grave,
and now He sits enthroned, and all glory belongs to Him alone.
Throw off your guilt and shame.
Throw off the cloak of sin that entangles and holds you back.
It's like a straightjacket.
Embrace the power of a conquering Christ.
Whatever you need, He doesn't lack it.
A triumphant victory like no other; He beckons me
to lay down a path before Him
as I greet Him with an expression of gratitude and praise.
No greater love have I ever known.
I will honor Him for all of my days.

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