Thursday, August 23, 2018


A yearning desire that overwhelms the soul,
a begging for something more,
the missing piece to the puzzle that makes it whole.
Measured by an aching deep inside the bones,
or a hunger within that is never completely satisfied,
it's as though the sustenance simply sustains but never seems to ease
the discomfort of a stomach that groans and groans.
It's an appetite for more than what already exists,
and an eagerness for that which hasn't come to be.
It's a vision for what lies in the distance,
and the craving to bring it into view
where the details are clear and plain to see.
It's the reaching out for a hand to hold, but all you grasp is air.
It's the yearning for better days ahead that keeps you from despair.
An unsettling feeling of "if only", and a determination to just hold on,
we all feel a great sense of longing for what we had and what is gone.
We long for that which we've never had- it's the stuff that fills our dreams.
It's a hope that tomorrow is really brighter than it seems.
We long for grace and to see the face of the One who calms our every anxious thought.
We long for peace, and rest, and a sense that we truly belong
even when we feel like we do not.
With me in my longing, oh, Satisfier of my every need,
help me trust that you hold my life in your hand as I follow where You lead.

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